September 1, 2022

If we need certainly to expand the new Dip mutual, new EDL is the simply muscle tissue we should instead do that

If we need certainly to expand the new Dip mutual, new EDL is the simply muscle tissue we should instead do that

The brand new analogy we included in lecture requires the extensor digitorum longus (EDL), a strength hence crosses new foot, subtalar shared (STJ), and you may, indeed, the shared of up to the new Drop mutual.

To indicate an absolute example of one particular unfathomable and you may destructive collaboration of suggestions is the conceptual idea of human matchmaking

The latest EDL commonly operate on every of these bones, dorsiflexing the brand new foot, pronating the new subtalar shared, following extending the brand new MP, PIP, and Drop joints.

However, when we use the EDL itself, it’s going to circulate the brand new foot, STJ, an such like. When we need to offer brand new leg in the Drop shared rather than circulate other combined, we have to stimulate several other muscles, an effective synergist, plus the EDL.

So it synergist is always to counter this new EDL within the foot and you will STJ. Just like the EDL dorsiflexes the new ankle and pronates the newest STJ, this new syngergist would be to plantar flex this new foot and supinate new STJ. A muscle which performs this ‘s the tibialis posterior. Ergo, brand new EDL and tibialis posterior act inside the a true cooperation to give the latest Dip joints rather than swinging the fresh new ankle and you may STJ.

(Observe that this new flexor digitorum longus as well as plantar flexes the brand new foot, and you can supinates the newest STJ. It could maybe not work for this action, but not, because it along with crosses the PIP and you may Drop joints. In reality, it might be a keen antagonist toward EDL.)


Human anatomy which have contrary strategies at the a joint are antagonists. Seen for the a particular planes of motion, brand new human anatomy whose contours out-of software are on reverse corners from a joint axis is antagonists.

I shouldn’t consider looks to be arranged for the agonist-antagonist sets. We would not notice it of use, by way of example, to try to name a keen antagonist each muscle tissue. Rather, offered a functional movement, you want to contemplate system regarding practical groups which have contrary strategies.

Antagonists basically relax when agonist acts. Cocontraction otherwise, to use an expression I love, coactivation, occurs when body toward both sides out of a shared axis try effective. We frequently coactivate human anatomy once we carry out unlearned otherwise book moves. I also coactivate human body when we would enabling or real synergies.

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