August 28, 2022

My toxic relationship was fueled by jealousy on both parties

My toxic relationship was fueled by jealousy on both parties

I think I will read this article on a daily basis for the following month. I’m going through of these relationships, been on and off for almost four years, she’s not accepted in my family and I’ve been trying to keep things peaceful but I constantly get into family fights because of her and fights with her because of my family. I know that the hardest thing is to actually ti move on but with all the guidelines on this article I’ll be alright, what I need help with is the actual break up moment, any suggestions?

The relationship should’ve ended at 4 months, but it lasted nearly 3 years

Who cares what family thinks or accepts? Unless you are 10 years old, then do listen to mom and dad kid and stay away from the internet. seems to me you are the one to blame here for letting your family interfere in your life and with your wifes.

Well I have been with my boyfriend/child’s father for 4 years now we used to have good times and I thought that this was completely it for me until now he’s very distant doesn’t show any effection like hugs or kisses didn’t tell me he loves me we both have very demanding jobs but that comes with adulthood he should be able to understand I have to work but we have a family and my family means everything to me but every time we argue he yells he doesn’t want to be in this relationship he’s always angry and doesn’t talk uberhorny to me only if it’s about the kids I kno this relationship is unhealthy but I love this man and it is so hard to walk away… please help

Not only has this article helped me, but the stories are too. Each one of you is pouring out your heart and soul, and each response is filled with just as much love and strength.

Have been like this for the entire relationship and right now I’m feeling that I’m just wasting my time, how do I confront her in order for it to end definitely?

My ex was cheated on by his first long term girl, so trust was hard earned. However, he also suffered from a porn addiction, I couldn’t get him to get away from it.

He would be secretive with his cell phone and all his belongings, even when I moved across the country to be with him. We hardly ever drove his car around town, it was always my car. His car was his sanctuary away from our shared space. Love letter from ex’s in the glove box, and e-cig in the center console… insisting it was his friends. I would’ve rather the honest smoking than the lies.

I asked him at one point to stop talking to his ex girlfriends (at least 3 from his HS years) since we were going steady and even talked about marriage. This pushed him away more, and he would continue to put me in compromising positions to where I would blame myself for being” crazy jealous” when in reality… he couldn’t see why sending messages like “good morning beautiful” “how are you doing sweet sugar” etc bothered me.

I obviously made some mistakes too. I hurt him just as much as he hurt me. What he doesn’t know is that I was raped orally by a guy I only wanted to make out with to fuel jealousy. I never told my boyfriend that this stranger also knew where I lived, and I was scared he would find me and do worse.

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